Matilda Veneer just got informative, receiving the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) seal of approval to deliver an accredited compulsory professional development (CPD) course. Participants will earn 1 formal point towards their continued learning by attending one of our presentations.

Delivered by a Matilda Veneer team member, the free, one-hour presentation titled ‘Veneer: the intricate basics’ is designed to give architects a broader understanding of all aspects of timber veneer. Our experience with architects has taught us that while many have an affinity with timber and timber products, some are wary of timber’s natural variation which has the potential to result in outcomes which may vary from the design brief and from client expectations.

With this is mind, our presentation covers everything from resource procurement to lacquers, and everything in between, with the objective of giving an understanding of all aspects of timber veneers. Through this understanding, participants gain the ability to specify beautiful, unique and natural timber veneers with confidence.

We start with the basics defining what veneer is, its features and the various ways timber veneers can be used to give unrivalled outcomes. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and add to the discussion so the presentation can be tailored to the participants specific needs and understanding. We discuss the steps involved in specifying veneers to ensure outcomes always match or surpass expectations. Your designs will only be limited by your imagination.

The topic of sustainability is also discussed in detail. Matilda Veneer, and the veneer industry as a whole, are proud of the many environmental benefits of using veneer. There is the potential for a negative connotation when using wood products, but with a true understanding of the processes in place, participants will quickly realise the benefits, both commercial and environmental, of using this amazing, renewable and beautiful range of products.

While the presentation is for a formal CPD point, we do our best to make the experience as informal, yet informative, as possible. There is time allocated at the end of the presentation for questions and a short, painless, assessment task. Fifty minutes later, you’ll be wishing you’d booked a CPD presentation from Matilda Veneer sooner!

To book your CPD presentation email or call the office on 07 5594 0655.

Limited presentation dates available. Book in advance to avoid missing out. A minimum of eight participants required per presentation.