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    Fireply X®


    12mm, 18mm & 25mm

    Sheet Sizes:

    2400x1200mm (butt joins)

    2390x1190mm (express joins)


    Ash, Natural, Blackbutt,    Spotted Gum, Jarrah, Ironbark, Aged & Ebony


    Permitted without voiding Group Number*

    Group Number:


    Group Number (NZ):



    100% PEFC Certified


    Two-pack polyurethane with UV inhibitors


    Satin - 30%




    *some limitations may apply

    Matilda Veneer - Plywood - Accredited Finishes

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    Fireply X®

    An innovative range of pre-finished plywood panels, with perforation and colour options, combining advanced fire resistance (Group 2), aesthetics and acoustics for decorative walls and ceilings.

    Fireply X® is a versatile, prefinished and ready-to-install plywood, compliant with the increasingly rigorous relevant Australian Standards relating to fire safety.

    With the focus of solving major design and compliance challenges, Fireply X® is available in a range of perforated options, as well as eight on trend colours – all certified as Fire Hazard Group 2 making it compliant for use in almost all areas of all Class 2-9 buildings as defined by the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

    The Group 2 certified perforated options add a much-needed solution for projects where acoustics, aesthetics and fire safety compliance are all non-negotiable.

    Fireply X® is the latest development in our well-established matilda fireply® range and ensures the finishing of these panels is in line with all proper use recommendations and that the finished panels match, or surpass, aesthetic and performance expectations.

    Most fire-retardant plywood is treated post-production, limiting its fire resistance, or relies on intumescent paints and lacquers that require maintenance and negatively impact on appearance and durability. In contrast, Fireply X® doesn’t rely on its surface finishing to provide resistance to fire. The product is treated by veneer impregnation prior to plywood production, making the whole product fire retardant, not just the exterior. Therefore, any trimming on site can be done without fear of negatively effecting or voiding the product’s fire rating. Panels are supplied cut-to-size at either 2400x1200mm or 2390x1190mm (to allow for express joints) to reduce cutting on site and allowing for quick and simple installation without the risk of non-compliance or voiding warranties.

    • Available as prefinished in a range of perforated and non-perforated options, in eight on-trend colours (stains)
    • All options are certified as BCA Fire Hazard Group Number 2 using AS ISO 9705:2003 (room burn test) in accordance with AS 5637.1:2015
    • Treated by veneer impregnation prior to plywood production
    • Cut-to-size for quick and easy installation
    • Lightweight and stable
    • Doesn’t rely on intumescent paint or lacquer to provide resistance to fire
    • Low formaldehyde emissions (E0) – raw board only
    • 100% PEFC Certified
    • Express joint (up to 10mm) permitted


    Fireply X® – Product Overview


    Fireply X® – Testing and Conformity Statement


    Fireply X® – Specifying Guide


    Whitepaper – Understanding Fire Ratings


    Table C1.10 (excerpt from the BCA)


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