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South Australian Drill Core Library, Adelaide



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Hoop Pine Plywood


1.5mm, 4mm, 6.5mm, 9.5mm, 12.5mm, 16mm, 18.5mm, 25mm, 30mm




2400 x 1200mm (9.5 - 30mm)
2440 x 1220mm (1.5 - 6.5mm)

Glue Bond:

A Bond (6.5 - 30mm)
B Bond (1.5 - 30mm)


Multi-ply as standard

Group Number:

3 (6.5mm - 30mm)


FSC® 100% (FSC-C107681)

100% PEFC Certified


Feel free to email us for more information from our expert team on our beautiful natural timber veneers of exceptional quality.

Hoop Pine Plywood

Featuring multi-ply construction as standard, our Hoop Pine plywood gives architectural projects the edge

Recent design trends are highlighting the natural beauty of Hoop Pine plywood. In many cases, architects, interior designers and shopfitters are featuring the clear veneer face and highlighting the detailed edge of the panel. Slotting and perforating of the plywood has also been increasingly popular in commercial projects for acoustics and aesthetic purposes.

Matilda Veneer is one of the only manufacturers of appearance-grade Hoop Pine plywood in the world. Featuring multi-ply construction as standard, where all the veneers (piles) used to make the panel are the same thickness, has been hugely popular with those looking for a unique, high quality product with premium edge detail.

Appearance grade Hoop Pine plywood can give a modern and edgy finish to almost any space and is a superior product because:

  • Hoop Pine plywood, with multi-ply construction, gives projects true definition, and is both aesthetically and structurally pleasing;
  • The unusual non-uniform appearance of rotary veneers makes every project unique;
  • Hoop Pine plywood is a natural product, with all of Matilda Veneer’s range made from renewable and sustainable sources; and
  • The light coloured veneers can give any space life and energy while still providing the natural warmth of wood.

Hoop Pine is a large softwood, native to the rainforests of northern New South Wales and Queensland. Matilda Veneer sources all logs to produce its range of Hoop Pine plywood from managed plantations and proudly offers PEFC and FSC® certification on all Hoop Pine plywood products. This highlights Matilda Veneer’s philosophy of producing high quality, beautiful products while exercising a high degree of responsible forest management, ensuring any adverse environmental impacts are minimised.

If you’re an architect, interior designer or shopfitter, be sure to specify Matilda Veneer’s range of Hoop Pine plywood in your next project.


Hoop Pine Plywood – Product Overview


VOC Emission Statement – Green Building Council Compliant


Formaldehyde Emission Test Result – Super E0


Hoop Pine Plywood Fire Hazard Certificate – Group 3


SDS Hoop Pine Plywood


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