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Sliced Veneer

Timber Veneer is a superior, natural product that gives any design project a sophisticated and high-end finish.

Veneer is a thin layer of timber created by slicing or peeling logs, or sections of log.

The thin veneer, typically 0.6mm, is the most effective and efficient use of timber. Because no two logs are the same, your designs will always be unique.

Sliced veneer can be produced, graded, and joined in a variety of ways to highlight the natural grain of the timber in completely different ways. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity!

If you’re looking to create an environment that has both the warmth of real timber and is truly unique, timber veneer is the perfect product because:

  • it’s a natural and sustainable product, harvested with responsible forest management and manufactured with the highest efficiency – one cubic metre of timber can produce 1000 square metres of veneer;
  • it stores carbon and reduces the negative impact of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere;
  • the selection of species, colours, grains and finishes is vast and provides a wealth of options (our Inspire + Create section can make the process of choosing the right veneer a breeze; and
  • it can be applied to many different shapes and surfaces, and has many applications which are simply not possible with other products, including solid wood.

Matilda Veneer is renowned for sourcing and manufacturing beautiful, unique and highly sought after veneers for architectural specification from Australia and around the world.

Our products have been used in multiple award winning architectural projects such as the Sydney Opera House, the distinctive Dr Chau Chak Wing Building in Sydney, and airport terminals around the world.

Veneer is used in more places than you may realise. Often as a smaller feature in domestic environments, timber veneer adds a touch of class to simple projects such as kitchens, and bathrooms, and also on a larger scale commercial projects in foyers, airport terminals, hotels, restaurants and bars, designer furniture, luxury boats and aircraft… the list goes on.

Click here to access our range of sliced veneers in our ‘Inspire + Create’ section or email us for more information from our expert team on our beautiful natural timber veneers of exceptional quality.



Sliced Veneer – Product Overview


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Group 3 Fire Certificate – Veneer on Standard MDF and Particleboard


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