Truewood® Veneer

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Truewood® Veneer

Truewood® veneers are real wood – not dyed. Perfect for projects where consistency in colour and grain are critical.

Like traditional veneer, Truewood® is a natural product, however, the aesthetic difference is noticeable. Truewood® veneers are reconstructed veneers – a premium product engineered from low grade and often otherwise unusable veneers that would be otherwise dumped or destroyed. The veneers are first joined together, then pressed together to form a block that is sliced on an angle to create a sophisticated, natural and environmentally savvy veneer. While the beauty of sliced veneers is that no two veneer projects are the same, it can be a limiting factor in the eyes of some designers and architects. While these professions are typically looking to use real wood for an aesthetic of warmth and luxury, they are often forced to choose other synthetic products.

In these instances, Truewood® is the solution that ticks all the boxes because:

  • it is a natural, straight grain that presents uniformity, beauty and instilling confidence;
  • as the availability of quality logs in some species becomes scarce, Truewood® veneers are able to replicate the colour and feel of these precious timbers without unnecessary logging;
  • Truewood® veneers are not dyed, and therefore provide the natural warmth of timber without the risk of fading over time; and
  • Truewood® veneers are manufactured in a manner that reduces waste during the veneer joining process. This means Truewood® veneers are excellent value for money when compared to sliced veneer of the same specie.

Matilda Veneer manufactures over 30 different species of Truewood®, with the range offering diverse colour selection. The collection includes species such as Ebony and Teak where, due to the scarcity of quality veneer logs, sliced veneer has been both expensive and hard-to-find.

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Truewood® Veneer – Product Overview


Group 3 Fire Certificate – Veneer on Standard MDF and Particleboard


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