European Birch






Birch Plywood


4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm & 30mm


A/B & B/B (Australian Equivalent)

B/BB & BB/BB (European Manufacturing Standard)


2440 x 1220mm

Glue Bond:



Multi-ply as standard


FSC® (FSC-C107681) available



Moisture content:



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Birch Plywood

High quality 100% Birch plywood has become the premium plywood of choice in Australia

Recent years have seen consistent growth in the popularity and use of Birch plywood throughout Australia and is now widely considered the premium decorative plywood.

Brighter, whiter faces and cost savings have been key reasons for Birch’s success into the premium plywood market previously dominated by Hoop Pine. While our range of Hoop Pine plywood remains a staple of the plywood landscape, there has been increased demand for imported decorative plywood with a European aesthetic.

One issue that has arisen with the emergence of Birch plywood is the number of manufacturers and suppliers servicing the Australia market. Buyers and users of Birch must be careful to ensure that their purchases are based on a value-for-money approach, not simply price alone as the cheaper products available from parts of Asia and smaller European mills can often come with issues in grading and quality.

Matilda Veneer supplies its range of Birch plywood from only high quality, respected mills with established relationships that reflect ongoing trust and collaboration. The result is a natural, unique and beautiful product you can trust and rely upon, with pricing which offers unsurpassed value-for-money.

The grading of Birch plywood has been a cause of some confusion in the Australian market. Where the Australia market has been brought up with understanding an A grade face is suitable for clear lacquering in a full-sized sheets, the highest European grade is terms B.  To ensure the quality of goods supplied by Matilda Veneer, each and every sheet is inspected and regarded by our team to give users peace of mind. All sheets are guaranteed to be patch free on the face*. Matilda Veneer’s rnge of Birch plywood is manufactured in Europe by one of the world’s leading plywood manufacturers and has been tested against stringent European standards.

* back side may have patches

  • Exterior glue line
  • Patch free face
  • Multi-ply construction
  • High level quality control
  • Low formaldehyde emissions (E1)
  • Excellent value-for-money; and
  • FSC® (FSC-C107681) certification available



Birch Plywood – Product Overview


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