the natural, unique & beautiful awards

The Natural, Unique and Beautiful Awards

Following the success of our inaugural awards, we are now taking submissions for the bigger and better. Building on the momentum we gained with the announcement of our awards recipients and the publication of our matilda veneer calendar, we will be announcing some small tweaks to this year’s edition to better recognise, feature and reward the outstanding projects with which matilda veneer’s products are increasingly featured.

Timber Veneer Architectural Design Awards

Previous Winners

Timber Veneer Architectural Design Awards

Previous Winners

Timber Veneer And Plywood Design Awards

Previous Winners

Criteria for eligibility

Project submissions must feature a minimum of four (4) hi-resolution images, along with the details of the products and project for promotional and publication purposes.

Projects must be completed in the preceding two years from the date of submission.

Submissions must feature timber veneer and/or plywood, ideally as the ‘hero’ of the project or image.


Placement in the calendar as the feature image(s) for one of the 12 months

A framed copy of their image(s) featured in the calendar.

Publicity and promotion through Matilda Veneer’s social media channels.

Bucket loads of street cred.


Judging is completed by the management of Matilda Veneer Pty Ltd with the assistance of an AIA certified architect

Judging will be based on the following criterion:

How well does the project feature timber veneer and/or plywood in a natural, unique and/or beautiful way?

In addition, judges will aim to feature projects from a variety of project types and budgets.

Do you want to take part in the competition?


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