‘The Art of Veneering’ is a behind-the-scenes look at what we do and why we do it. This video features a step-by-step walk-through of the intricate processes involved in producing our timber veneer.

General Managers Anthony Wardrop and Craig Graham explain the the ‘plantation-to-product’ workflow and how a well-trained and experienced eye is critical at every stage of the process. It’s all starts with individual log selection, followed by the careful and considered approach to the manufacturing of each piece. Close attention is paid to the natural and unique features of the each log to ensure they are processed to highlight their natural beauty and characteristics – all while maintaining maximum efficiency and slicing quality.

The creation of this video is another step forward in our continued pursuit of education and gives viewers an appreciation of the care, passion and love that goes into producing our beautiful range of timber veneer. We firmly believe that through this education, architects and designers will understand and embrace the unrivaled benefits of working with these amazing products and incorporate them in their specifications and projects. Natural, unique and beautiful is only the beginning.

‘The Art of Veneering’ is the first of a range of videos due for release over the coming months. But for now take a look and discover more reasons why Matilda is the right choice when it comes to selecting and specifying timber veneers of distinction.

Your comments, questions and ideas are more than welcome. Enjoy 🙂