Vice President of the Australian Timber Veneer Association and Matilda Veneer’s own Anthony Wardrop shares his thoughts on why the timber veneer industry is going to keep gaining momentum. 

Timber has so many characteristics that make it attractive to work with. It’s one of the most ancient building materials going around, yet centuries later, we are finding new and better ways to integrate it into our lives while harnessing its innate timeless benefits.

One of the things you can’t deny with wood is its beauty. Timber veneer elevates the wood’s characteristics and brings it to life in a way that is efficient. It’s a natural, authentic beauty that continues to catch the eye of architects, designers and homeowners.

No two logs are the same even if they are from the same species, so really the design options are limitless by the time you consider what way to slice and match the veneer. For those with a passion for bespoke design, timber veneer has so much to offer and can be delivered at a pleasing price point that makes it possible to use in a wide array of application across all budgets.

Natural beauty is just one aspect of its success, and versatility is another. From applications on walls and ceilings to cabinetry and joinery, timber veneer is a great alternative to other, often artificial, materials.

The timber industry is one of the most environmentally friendly sectors of our economy because it typically takes less fossil fuels to produce than other building materials. Timber veneer, and other timber products, store carbon and helps reduce CO2 within the atmosphere.

Matilda Veneer believes the key factors of beauty, versatility, affordability, availability and sustainability will serve the timber veneer industry well for generations to come. The resurgence in its popularity, particularly among architects and other designers is also helping to keep the momentum going.

Veneer offers a vast array of design options in terms of aesthetic outcomes and design flexibility. Quite often timber veneer allows you to reveal patterns and grains in timber that would not be revealed if it were not sliced (or peeled) in the specialised manner in which veneer is produced. Timber veneer also enables you to realise designs that, if built in solid timber, would be cost prohibitive for most clients.

Last, but not least, the other thing you keep coming back to with timber is the warmth it injects into spaces. For so long wooden floors have been popular, and I think it’s because of the natural warm tones they inject into the space. Timber veneer provides a myriad of other possibilities to achieve this same effect and in doing creates limitless design possibilities. Timber veneer is truly an amazing product natural, unique, beautiful.