Welcome to our blog here at Matilda Veneer. We are deeply passionate about what we do and take pride in the products we produce. Timber is an amazing building material that has been used for centuries. In addition to its strength and beauty, timber is also a renewable resource and is often a very good environmental choice. We are committed to sustainably sourcing timbers for our veneers from all over the world.

Through this blog, we hope to educate you not only about our products, but also ABOUT the industry and timber veneer in general. In sharing this knowledge, we hope you come to appreciate quality timber veneer products and the role they can play in delivering superior design outcomes.

Our veneers are used by cabinet makers, shopfitters, architects and interior designers to create spaces for us all to enjoy. If you look around your home or office, it is more than likely you see a piece of furniture or panelling featuring timber veneer, perhaps a sideboard, bedside table or freestanding wardrobe.

There is no denying timber as a decorative finish brings warmth to spaces. It has persisted over the years, despite changing styles and trends. It is somewhat of a stalwart in the furniture and interior design space. This is because the variety of timber veneers available means many different looks can be achieved. Not only can you choose between species, but there is a lot of variety within each due to natural variations like figure and grain, as well as the methods for which the veneer is produced. Just like no two trees are the same, no two veneers are either.

As you can probably tell, we know a lot about timber veneer! If you have a question you would like answered or advice for your project we are more than willingly to assist. Timber veneer is one of the finest ways to pay tribute to the natural beauty of wood and the perfect way to make your next project unique.