In December last year, we proudly announced the winners of our Natural, Unique & Beautiful Awards. In addition to the bucket loads of street cred the winners receive, their projects are featured within our world-famous yearly calendar. These calendars are distributed across Australia and around the world to our customers, suppliers, partners and the architecture and design community. They highlight what is possible when talented people work with our industry’s unrivalled natural products.

2023 Awards Calendars
2023 Winners: Riviera 6000 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition (left) and Cowes Primary School (right).

We have a very limited number of 2023 calendars still available, so if you missed out and would like one of these, click here to send us a request. Please make sure you include all address/postage details. We are busy working on the entry form and information for this year’s entries – so stay tuned!